What does a climate control switch do?

The climate control switch (sometimes called a humidity switch).is used to control frost that may collect during very high humidity situations. The RV refrigerator climate control Switch controls a 12-volt heat tape behind the metal frame around the refrigerator and freezer doors.

What is the Climate Control switch on an RV refrigerator for?

The “Climate Control” switch controls a 12 volt heat tape behind the metal frame around the refrigerator and freezer doors.

How do you adjust the temperature on a Dometic RV refrigerator?

Changing the Setting on a Dometic Fridge

To adjust the settings of a Dometic fridge, inside your fridge there will be a lever on one of the fins, and sliding it up or down along the fin will make your fridge warmer or colder.

What does Climate Control on a fridge mean?

On 42″ and 48″ built-in SxS refrigerators with this feature, the Climate Control Drawer can be used to store items at their optimum temperatures. The Climate Control feature is a system of dampers, a fan, a temperature thermistor, and a heater that is used to maintain the set temperature.

Why Is My RV fridge not getting cold?

Also, check to make sure the temp settings are low enough. If they are and the fridge won’t click on, the thermostat inside the fridge may need replacing. If the burner is running continuously and the RV fridge is still not getting cold, check the quality of the burner flame.

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What causes ice build up in RV freezer?

This is typically due to humidity and warm air entering the unit. What is this? The moisture gathers at the coldest part of your RV refrigerator, the back wall, causing it to freeze. Eventually, it layers, giving you a thick crust of ice.

Why does my RV fridge freeze up?

When the rubber seal of your RV fridge fails, it is likely to let in moisture, as well as warm air. If your fridge is fairly humid, it can cause your items in the fridge to frost. Check your door seal to ensure that it is in a suitable condition. If your RV fridge has two doors, double-check them on both sides.

Why is my GE refrigerator freezing everything?

The most common cause for GE refrigerators to be freezing food in the fresh food section is the damper that cuts off airflow to the fresh food section will break. … This allows cold air to continuously flow into the fresh food section freezing food.