What is natural vegetation and wildlife for Class 8?

It refers to plant vegetation that has grown on its own without any human aid. They have been left undisturbed by the humans for a long time. It is a community of living trees and organisms associated with it. It covers a considerable area.

What is natural vegetation and wildlife?

In these forests, the common animals found are lion, tiger, pig, deer and elephant. A huge variety of birds, lizards, snakes and tortoises are also found here. In regions with less than 70 cm of rainfall, the natural vegetation consists of thorny trees and bushes.

What is natural vegetation and wildlife Short answer?

What is natural vegetation or virgin vegetation? Answer: It refers to a plant community which has grown naturally without human aid, and has been left undisturbed by human beings for a long time.

What is the importance of natural vegetation and wildlife Class 8?

Importance of Natural Vegetation: Vegetation provides shelter to animals and provides us with timber and many other forest produce. Plants also produce oxygen when they make food and oxygen is the gas we breathe. Plants protect soil from degradation. Plants help in recharging the groundwater.

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What is natural vegetation and wildlife of India?

India is a land of around 500 types of animals, 2000 types of birds, and 30,000 kinds of insects, microbes, amphibians, etc. Furthermore, natural vegetation and fauna are paramount to the Indian biosphere.

What is natural vegetation and wildlife Class 7?

Natural vegetation is generally classified into three broad categories: Forests, Grasslands and Shrubs. The different types of natural vegetation are Tropical Evergreen Forests, Tropical Deciduous Forests, Temperate Evergreen Forests, Temperate Deciduous Forests, Meditterean Vegetation and Coniferous Forests.

What is called vegetation?

1 : plant life or total plant cover (as of an area) 2 : the act or process of vegetating.

What is natural vegetation class 9th?

Natural Vegetation can be simply understood as a variety of plants that have grown naturally, on their own, without any involvement of human life. Once the natural vegetation is fully grown and remains untouched by humans, it is called virgin vegetation.

What is natural vegetation Wikipedia?

Vegetation is an assemblage of plant species and the ground cover they provide. It is a general term, without specific reference to particular taxa, life forms, structure, spatial extent, or any other specific botanical or geographic characteristics.

What is natural vegetation class 9th geography?

It covers trees in the forests, other flowering and non-flowering frees grown by man, grassland, scrubs, fens, etc. India possesses about 47,000 different species of plants and 5,000 of them are exclusively found in India. Fauna.

What is wildlife Class 8?

Animals that grow or live in the wild without any human interference are known as wildlife. Importance of wildlife is as follows: Wildlife helps keep the food chain in place and thereby maintain ecological stability. It also helps maintain the stability of the various natural processes.

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What is wildlife short?

Wildlife traditionally refers to undomesticated animal species, but has come to include all organisms that grow or live wild in an area without being introduced by humans. Wildlife was also synonymous to game: those birds and mammals that were hunted for sport. Wildlife can be found in all ecosystems.

What is the importance of natural vegetation and wildlife as natural resources?

Answer: Natural vegetation and wildlife exist only in the Biosphere and are interlinked and dependent on one another for survival. This structure is also known as the Ecosystem. Both vegetation and wildlife are extremely important resources and hence are an important part of geography.

What is the vegetation in India?

Vegetation. The flora of India largely reflect the country’s distribution of rainfall. Tropical broad-leaved evergreen and mixed, partially evergreen forests grow in areas with high precipitation; in successively less rainy areas are found moist and dry deciduous forests, scrub jungle, grassland, and desert vegetation.

What is the wildlife in India?

India is home to several well-known large animals, including the Indian elephant, Indian rhinoceros, Bengal tiger, Asiatic lion, Indian leopard, snow leopard, and clouded leopard.

What is natural vegetation 11th?

Answer: Natural vegetation refers to a plant community that has been left undisturbed over a long time, so as to allow its individual species to adjust themselves to climate and soil conditions as fully as possible.